If your shutters are attacked by dogs, squirrels or kids what can you do?

broken slats hanging broken shutter blk white broken shutter 

You can either replace your expensive shutters or possibly have them repaired. We have experience in repairing broken tilt rods, vanes or even frames. Replacement slats can be made. Any questions please call or email patmarco@aol.com. 323 6662502. Thank you.


Time to clean and repair your blinds or shutters

how-to-clean-blinds-1024x768You can soak your blinds in your bathtub (ours is much wider). Scrub with a soft brush. Soak in clean water and dry. This works very well. Most broken parts can be found for repair, but must fit. If you have any question please call. THank you.

Some Alluring photos

living roomHere are photos of Allure in the windows. They show why it’s called a transitional shade. You can have privacy or a view variable view all in one shade.postions

Bottom up shades perfect solution for problem windows

lounging reduced pictureBottom up shades have been around for a long time. People are discovering them as a solution to problem windows. Want privacy, but still a view and light. You can use bottom up shades with either cords or uncorded. Curious please call 3236662502 or email patmarco@aol.com to have your questions answered.

Arched Windows

Arch TopThere are many window covering choices for covering arched windows. It depends on your needs.

angled windows

Anglethis is content for new post

window coverings

a most useful option for your window

allure transitional shades

latest window covering that allows you privacy and view in one shade.